Reservation Policy

  • The minimum lease term is 1 day calculated on the basis of the 24-hour system (return time equal to the delivery time on the departure date).
  • The tenant is required to have a one-year driving license and be over 23 years of age. The tenant is required to return the vehicle to a MotorForum representative at the stated date, time (maximum + 1 hour) and location. Any modification (extension or reduction) requires the written consent of MotorForum.
  • Returns or delays of more than one hour from the listed one and up to the first 3 hours are charged with 50% of the daily rent while more than 3 hours are charged as an additional day.
  • Fuel is borne by the tenant and no refunds are given in the event of a dispute.
  • The lessee is liable from the time of receipt of the vehicle until the return and delivery of the vehicle to a MotorForum representative, for fines, traffic violations, illegal parking and administrative penalties for which he is obliged to pay and deliver a certified copy of the payment. or proof, otherwise the charge of the amount of the call / violation plus management costs of € 15.00, will be made by our company either after the declaration of the violation by him at the time of delivery of the vehicle, or with fter notification by police or municipal authorities at a later time and with no time limit on these charges.
  • The lessee is obliged to inspect the vehicle (internally and externally, to indicate any damage by marking the Damage Table in advance and to return the vehicle to the exact same condition. Exhaustion or loss of tires, wheels or wheel arches, crystals and windows, sound system (RCD, DVD), antennas, instruments as well as the lower part of the vehicle except as a result of an accident. Also not covered inside (burning, tearing or upholstery of the vehicle).
  • It is noted that in cases of repair and repair of damages, it is not allowed to select a workshop on behalf of the tenant in addition to the partners of MotorForum, except for the Official and Authorized Delegation in Greece of the said vehicle, but calculating the time of day.
    The tenant is charged a tax of 24% on the rent. For the best service of the tenant and avoidance of delays, the vehicle must be returned clean and ready for check delivery, otherwise it may take time and charge € 15.00 for cleaning and inspection.
  • The existence of tar requires additional work and a fee of € 75.00.
    Interior / upholstery cleaning requires charges with a minimum of € 60.00.
    The quantity of fuel is indicated on the delivery of the vehicle in the lease contract and must be equal to the quantity at the time of return.


The following terms apply:
* No charge for cancellation up to 7 days before delivery of the car. There is a full refund.
* Cancellations made in less than 7 days and 24 hours before delivery, there will be a charge of 20% of the total value of your booking.
* Cancellation in less than 24 hours from the time of delivery will not be refunded.

The cancellation request will take effect from the first hour of our office’s opening hours (including public holidays) and not from the time you sent


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